College Sports Programs Covers by Lon Keller

Lon produced hundreds paintings for four-part color covers used by colleges during his career.  Each year, new ones were included in a catalogue that was sent to colleges allowing them to choose the covers for their home games.  Once determined, annual press runs were made of 100,000's of 4 and 8 page folios with these covers to include national advertising from Chesterfield and others.   These were then sent to the colleges as ordered.  They, in turn, would take the partially completed folios to local printers who would overprint the team names and date of game on the cover, add related articles and rosters inside and then cut and staple them.  More information click HERE.

The first  college gallery displays syndicated covers available to all colleges by year first introduced so you can browse the years you attended for covers you may own or recognize. The second gallery includes  the customized covers Lon produced for the military service academies. The third includes many covers that were produced by him for specific games played in the NY, New Jersey and Philadelphia areas. The fourth gallery is a selection of covers  from the Syndicated gallery which depict college women as either spectators or cheerleaders, among the most frequently chosen subjects by the colleges for their covers. 

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Syndicated by Year

Service Academies


College Women